The company REACH Consulting Services is an executive search firm that caters to the growing needs of many technology vendors, technical and sales professionals within the Financial, IT and telecommunications industries in Asia.

Our extensive database and strong network in the region, enables us to be a vital link for companies, especially those from the US, Europe, Australia, Taiwan and Japan, who are looking for key personnel to fill critical positions as they expand into Asia. While we are geared towards the IT industry, we also have, over the years, diversified and served clients and partners in other industries, specifically the pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and manufacturing industries.

Our services are demanded by those who want to shorten their recruitment and selection process, and our real asset are our people, who are the key to opening up the huge contacts we have in Singapore and Asia.

If you have questions on REACH, you should find most of the information within our site.

However, if you require further assistance, the following information may be useful:

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Far East Finance Building
Singapore 048545

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